Are you tired of your meat consisting of recipes and want to switch to greens and other sorts of food? Well, if you want to switch to vegan foods, then online food ordering apps are the place for you. You can do internet shopping for vegan food and other protein and lentil-based diets easily. You can contact the different US trusted online shopping websites to purchase fruits and vegetables for your non-meat diet plan.

A good diet is necessary for keeping your body fit and staying in good shape to meet your physical health requirements. You can consult your nutritionist to suggest some suitable plans for your meal that are exclusive of meat-type dishes. Here is a guide on the meat-free plans you can try online.


  • Baked eggs

Baked eggs are a good source of protein, and they help you feel full without consuming extra calories that are present in meat and fried products. Baked eggs are a better idea for breakfast and brunch.


  • White bean soup

If you want a more protein diet in your lunch, then you should consider lentils in your diet. Soup is the best option if you want to burn cholesterol and lose weight while keeping your body in shape. Lentils and white beans are high in fiber, folate, vitamin B6, and other healthy components like micronutrients. It will constitute a healthy meat-free diet with the same energy level and healthy components.

  • Roasted sweet potato salad

You can bake potatoes to make a yummier lunch option for your lunchtimes with greens like celery and spinach. To spice it up you can add sauces and sweet potato with chili sauce and black pepper. Spinach is good for digestion and helps in strengthening the immune system. It also consists of various vitamins and magnesium to fight against bacteria. You can order separates or order a whole baked potato dish to make your lunch cravings rest peacefully.

  • Chickpeas pita

Chickpea’s pita wrapped in a spicy baked potato covering with added spices and carrots. It is also an option for meatless healthy diet lunch you can order from restaurants online in the USA.


  • Pad Thai

It contains noodles with mixed vegetables of a different sort. You can add chicken to it if you want a bit of change in the taste and you can add herbs and spices to enhance the taste.

  • Tortilla pie

Beans-made tortilla pie is a yummy option for dinner loaded with cheese and sauces accompanied with vegetables of your choice. It can constitute a tempting dinner if you want a meatless change in your diet. Vegetables and the crust of tortillas are rich in vitamins and carbohydrates that can make you stay active till your next breakfast.


There are several healthy meal options you can try if you are tired of the meaty element in your diet and you are conscious regarding weight loss and a healthy diet. Make a plan for the rest of your days and choose each option from the above to order online and enjoy the healthy meal plan with a touch of spice.

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