Tips for reducing meat consumption

Meat is consumed because it has various benefits both economic and health. First, it’s consumed as food, giving the body the needed energy to sustain life. Secondly, without meat, a balanced diet which is a recommended standard of feeding cannot be achieved. Meat is a great source of protein which must be part of the food to achieve the recommended balanced diet. Meat also provides lots of other nutrients necessary to your body such as iron, zinc, iodine, vitamins (especially B12) and essential fatty acids. In summary, it’s a good idea to include meat in your daily meals to achieve a balanced diet but also bears in mind that whatever has the positive side, can also have the negative sides.

Medically and scientifically proven, excess consumption of meat products can result in negative health conditions. In such a case, it’s advisable to reduce the rate of consumption to correct or reverse the unhealthy condition. If you want to know more about how people avoid eating meat or the other companies they patronize instead of meat selling companies, you can easily read customer experience and Complaints that they have left for food companies on All Reviews. If you don’t know the food company to start from, you can start Left coast raw and similar companies. The company is reputed to sell shakes that you can take as a healthy alternative to meat.

Below are tips that can be applied when reducing meat consumption.

Make meat your side dish

It’s a common practice to see people make meat their main dish. While it’s not totally a bad idea but in trying to reduce meat consumption for healthy living, it would do you a great favour if you make meat your side dish and go more for starch and vegetables. You may start by reducing the quantity by 30% and further increase the reduction by 20% until you have maybe 40% of the amount you were taking before and now 60% made of starch and vegetables.

Try non-beef sources

Some people take beef as the main source of meat neglecting non-beef sources. When trying to reduce meat consumption especially red meat from beef which usually has adverse health effects on the body, you can try alternative sources of meat such as pork, chicken, Turkey and maybe a combination of all. They provide protein as well as the needed fatty acids in the body.

Make some dinner meat-free

That your body needs protein does not mean every of your meal must contain a heavy amount of meat. Sometimes, you may choose to prepare a meat-free dinner may be once weekly or thrice monthly. This does not in any way create protein deficiency in your body. So try and make some dinner meat-free once in a while.

You may consider eating beans and lentils

Beans and lentils are also great sources of protein and fibre. Alternative to meat, you may consider eating beans and lentils more often than before.

Try to eat snacks

Another alternative to meat could be snacks. Snacks are known sources of protein and fibres. In your attempt to reduce meat consumption, snacks could be a better substitute for you.

Save costs

Meat buying takes a chunk of your earnings. Have you thought of how much you could be saving monthly or yearly if you are to reduce your rate of meat consumption? This of course would certainly save you some costs and it might just be a significant amount at the end of the month or year. Try to save costs by reducing your rate of meat consumption.

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